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VA To Be Mostly Immune From Federal Hiring Freeze

President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats reached a compromise that may affect disability benefits for thousands of veterans, as the Department of Veterans Affairs clarified that the administration-imposed federal hiring freeze would not affect public safety positions.

Acting Secretary Robert Snyder said this phrase is broadly defined to include nurses, doctors, counselors, and most other healthcare jobs. In the past, VA Secretary-designate David Shulkin has echoed this sentiment, calling on the agency to hire more doctors and nurses. Although the VA is still reeling from a 2014 patient wait time scandal, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer initially said that the announced freeze would affect all agencies equally. The disability benefits system is “broken,” he insisted, and “hiring more people isn’t the answer” to helping veterans “get the services that they’ve earned.”

Invisible War Wounds

Before World War I, all the world’s armies used picric acid in their cannons and shells, a compound similar to the one common in modern-day fireworks. In 1902, the German army became the first military force to use TNT, and for the most part, TNT is still in use today. So, the difference between a battle in 1900 and one in 1914 is like the difference between visiting a Fourth of July fireworks show and a free-fire zone in Iraq or Afghanistan.