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BREAKING NEWS: California Jury Awards Couple More Than $2 Billion in Roundup Lawsuit

California Jury Awards Couple More Than $2 Billion in Roundup Lawsuit A California jury delivered another strong rebuke to the manufacturer of Roundup weed killer when it awarded a couple $2 billion for punitive damages sustained after using the weed killer for years. The jury also awarded the couple $55 million in compensatory damages. This lawsuit was the third jury verdict against the manufacturer of Roundup, Monsanto. Bayer AG recently purchased Monsanto. The other two jury verdicts also occurred in California. Currently, more than 13,000 lawsuits are pending in the United States alleging the weed killer causes cancer. Large Jury Verdicts in...

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BREAKING NEWS: Jury Awards Plaintiff $289.2 Million in Roundup Lawsuit

According to numerous news outlets, including CNN and USA Today, a jury in San Francisco awarded a man $289 million in his Roundup lawsuit.  This lawsuit is the first case to go before a jury out of the hundreds of cases filed against Monsanto, the maker of the agricultural weed killer. Punishing Monsanto for Wrongdoing Dwayne Johnson, a 46-year old former school groundskeeper, has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His condition is terminal. Many days, Johnson cannot speak, and lesions cover roughly 80 percent of his body. According to testimony during the trial, jurors heard Johnson explain that he used Roundup weed...

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EU Goes Against Grain And Approves Roundup

In a move that highlights the inherent difficulties in proving dangerous product cases, the European Union said it would consider extending Roundup’s license.

A newly-issued study from the European Chemical Agency apparently convinced the agency that Roundup was safe, despite a volume of evidence that glyphosate, which is the weed killer’s active ingredient, causes several forms of cancer. A spokeswoman insisted that the EU had considered “the latest state of scientific research” prior to its announcement. Environmental groups roundly criticized the move. Green Party European Parliament member said it “makes no sense to accept the wide range of risks associated with glyphosate.” The EU set no date for the start of discussions.

The retention of the European market could mean an additional $100 million a year for Roundup manufacturer Monsanto.

Supreme Court Opens The Door For Ignition Switch Liability Cases

General Motors now faces up to $10 billion in additional defective ignition switch claims, because the Supreme Court rejected the automaker’s final appeal.

Previously, GM lawyers tried to convince a federal appeals court that because of the company’s 2009 bankruptcy filing, the “new GM” is not liable for the negligent acts of the “old GM,” which included installing defective ignition switches into millions of vehicles. Furthermore, they claimed, the automaker recalled 2.6 million vehicles and set up a $600 million victims compensation fund, which should have sufficiently put the matter to rest. However, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals was unpersuaded, ruling that the “new GM” should have known about the issue long before the company went public with the defect, and so in this instance, bankruptcy did not absolve the company of liability.

Defective ignition switches on GM vehicles have been associated with more than 120 fatalities.

Automaker Recalls Pickups With Bad Transmissions

Citing a manufacturing defect, Ford recalled over 52,000 Kentucky-built vehicles because they might roll uncontrollably when parked.

All affected vehicles were built between October 2015 and March 2017. Evidently, due a damaged park rod actuating plate that disengages the pin, the transmission does not go into Park even if the gear select is on P. When the pin doesn’t lock, the transmission stays in Neutral, so the vehicle may move even if it is on a flat surface. To cure the manufacturing defect, dealer mechanics will inspect and replace the park rod actuating plate.

No injuries have been reported.

California Restricts Roundup Sales

Now, retailers in the Golden State cannot sell Monsanto’s popular weed killer without warning future buyers that this potentially dangerous product may cause cancer.

In January 2017, Superior Court Judge Kristi Culver Kapetan heard arguments from both sides regarding glyphosate, an odorless and colorless substance that is Roundup’s main ingredient. The prestigious International Agency for Research on Cancer recently added glyphostate to a list of cancer-causing chemicals, prompting state officials to order a warning label. Monsanto insists that the chemical is safe, pointing to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finding that glyphostate is a “low toxicity” chemical; however, the EPA does advise people to stay away from fields sprayed with Roundup for at least twelve hours.

Roundup is sold in more than 160 countries and used on over 250 varieties of crops and grasses.

Feds Fine GM Over Ignition Switch Row

One of the last remaining government product liability investigations ended when the automaker agreed to pay a $1 million fine to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to the SEC, General Motors ignored a critical ignition switch flaw for at least ten years, leading to more than 120 deaths and 270 serious injuries in Saturn Ions, Chevrolet Cobalts, and several other model cars that had ignitions prone to sudden shutdown during operation. Specifically, GM engineers failed to promptly inform company accountants of the significant product liability risk, and that is a violation of SEC rules.

UK Company Hopes To Make Surgical Meshes Obsolete

In a press release, Mediplus says it has developed a “non-surgical alternative” for PoP treatment that avoids “the clinical risks associated with surgical mesh.”

Although they are still legal to use in the United States, surgical meshes were recalled in both Scotland and the UK, because they often cause serious side effects and are not very effective at treating Pelvic Organ Prolapse and other conditions. As opposed to a surgical intervention, Mediplus offers a range of silicone pessaries that lift internal organs to relieve incontinence and other symptoms. Support pessaries, many of which resemble small buttons or pacifiers, are usually ideal for first-time PoP victims.

An estimated 32,000 UK women use pessaries each year.

Aldi Recalls Dangerous Toys; Blames Manufacturer

The popular supermarket chain said it would no longer sell certain dangerous products that had been linked to possible choking deaths.

In a statement, Aldi immediately blamed the manufacturer for issues with its popular Flashing Bath Toys. According to the retailer, a part could break off when the toy is exposed to water. So, Aldi urged everyone who purchased the dangerous product to immediately return it for a full refund. Additionally, the retailer promised it would “address the specific manufacturing processes and checks, and introduc[e] additional checks for this product type that will prevent this from happening in the future.”