Judge Awards $2.5 Million to Gynecomastia victim that took Risperdal

Judge Awards $2.5 Million to Gynecomastia victim that took Risperdal

A Philadelphia court jury awarded $2.5 Million to the family of an autistic boy who developed male breasts after taking the drug Risperdal beginning in 2002. This is a big setback for the large drug manufacturer Johnson & Johnson who was reported to failed to warn people that taking Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug, might cause gynecomastia better known as male breast development. You can find out more information about Gynecomastia and the Side Effects of Risperdal.

This case is the first lawsuit that proves J&J hid the possible side affects of the drug including gynecomastia. Johnson and Johnson settled many cases years ago involving a total payout of $2.2 billion so this new award could lead to many more payouts in the future. The main argument presented was that J&J illegally marketed Risperdal to elderly people and children knowing that is could cause gynecomastia.

Expert witnesses for the family showed that J&J knew about the risks back in 2012 when they settled another case and admitting that they had violated the law when they failed to report all data showing the extent of the gynecomastia problem.

It was reported that J&J knew about these problems but hid the study results which lead to the marketing of the drug to children back in 2002 when the victim started taking the drug. The attorney for the family stated that J&J had gravely mistreated children by not disclosing all the data which showed a much higher incidence of gynecomastia in previous tests.

According to a J&J representative is was reported that the company believes the court order should be overturned and filed an appeal. They stated that all the proper warnings where on the Risperdal packaging and the plaintiff’s doctor was fully aware of any side affects that could occur as a result of taking the drug. They also stated that it was shown that the plaintiff’s life had drastically improved while taking Risperdal and that the victim was not injured by the drug.

Based on this court award there could be many more Risperdal lawsuits coming in the future. As of today there are over 1,000 Risperdal lawsuits pending. If the award is not overturned by the appeal, Johnson and Johnson might have to justify another round of settlement payouts to more victims.

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