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IVC Filter Use Falls As Lawsuits Increase

A recent study found a direct connection between legal activity and less-frequent use of dangerous IVC filters.

The most significant decline occurred in heavy litigation areas, according to Dr. Ketan Patel of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Between 1993 and 2010, IVC filter implants increased almost 10 percent a year; after 2010, when the Food and Drug Administration issued a stern warning and lawsuits began to pile up, IVC filter use fell by more than 7 percent annually.

Hope For Mesolthelioma Victims

Although the cancer is still one of the deadliest diesases known to man, mesothelioma survival rates have inched up in recent years, largely because of new available treatment options. Palliative chemotherapy has increased significantly since 2016, effectively replacing radiation treatments among healthier patients. Effective surgical interventions have increased as well, though they are an option only in a limited number of cases. One study concluded that a battery of surgery to remove the cancer, light-based photodynamic therapy to kill any remaining cancer cells, and chemotherapy yielded a survival rate of nearly four years; the rate nearly doubled if the mesothelioma had not spread...

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Rollover Crash On Christmas Eve Causes Serious Injury

Two people were seriously injured, including a 4-year-old child, in a violent rear-end crash on U.S. Highway 45.

The wreck occurred in McCracken County.  According to witnesses and the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department, 24-year-old Keonia Purefide, of Paducah, was northbound in the right lane with her 4-year-old daughter, whose name was not released. Ms. Purefide was travelling slowly in the right lane as she escorted a disabled motorist on the shoulder. As the two vehicles inched forward, 48-year-old Charles Anderson of Paducah, who was also northbound int he right lane, either did not see Ms. Purefide or was not aware that she was travelling so slowly, and he rear-ended her vehicle; the force of the impact pushed Ms. Purefide’s vehicle off the road, and it tumbled down a shallow embankment.

New ALJs May Reduce Workers’ Comp Logjam

Workers comp claims

A Franklin County Circuit judge, who Governor Matt Bevin derided as a “political hack,” cleared the way for six new administrative law judges to being hearing workers’ compensation cases in Kentucky.

Since he took office in December 2015, the GOP governor and Judge Phillip Shepherd have repeatedly butted heads over state government restructuring.  In June 2016, Gov. Bevin dissolved the seven-member Workers’ Compensation Nominating Commission and replaced it with a five-member commission. In apparent protest, Judge Shepherd did not allow the newly-appointed ALJs to join the other eleven, and the resulting backlog quickly grew to about 400 cases. Making matters worse, four Commission members resigned and Gov. Bevin refused to appoint replacements until the disputed ALJs took office. The governor’s office welcomed Judge Shepherd’s ruling in a statement, but the Kentucky AFL-CIO is still reviewing the decision.

How does an Adjuster Verify Medical Treatment so that They Can Settle a Bowling Green, KY Auto Accident Claim?

There are many ways an Adjuster can Verify Medical Treatment so They Can Settle a Bowling Green, KY Auto Accident Claim? Have you been in a car accident and are experiencing pain, discomfort, dizziness, disorientation, numbness, tingling, or any other injury symptoms you need to see a doctor immediately. If you don’t have a doctor you should go to a hospital and get a medical evaluation. Your future health depends on this so don’t delay. You may find that you need follow up treatments after you have received the initial emergency medical treatment. If you are in an car accident in Bowling Green,...

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