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Judge Awards $2.5 Million to Gynecomastia victim that took Risperdal

A Philadelphia court jury awarded $2.5 Million to the family of an autistic boy who developed male breasts after taking the drug Risperdal beginning in 2002. This is a big setback for the large drug manufacturer Johnson & Johnson who was reported to failed to warn people that taking Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug, might cause gynecomastia better known as male breast development. You can find out more information about Gynecomastia and the Side Effects of Risperdal. This case is the first lawsuit that proves J&J hid the possible side affects of the drug including gynecomastia. Johnson and Johnson settled many cases years ago involving...

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Four Things You Should Know About IVC Filters

Each year over 250,000 IVC filters are implanted into patients at risk for blood clots. Although most patients have no side effects, there are some serious complications with IVC filters. Fact #1: The longer the IVC filter stays in place, the higher the risk of injury. Once the blood clot has passed the IVC filter should be removed. The FDA states the device should stay in anywhere form 29 – 54 days from insertion date for best results. Fact #2: IVC filters have been connected to 27 deaths and counting. A recent NBC News special revealed at last 27 deaths have been linked to...

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In a response to a federal lawsuit filed last month, attorneys representing the city and five Bowling Green Police Department officers say police acted appropriately in a 2012 officer-involved shooting.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, names BGPD Chief Doug Hawkins, Lt. Col. Kevin Wiles, Maj. Melanie Watts, Sgt. Donitka Kay and Officer Keith Casada Jr. as defendants and accuses them of negligence and deliberate indifference toward Gregory Harrison. Casada shot and killed Harrison, 46, on Aug. 12, 2012, on the railroad tracks in the 1100 block of Clay Street. Casada was placed on routine administrative leave following the shooting but was cleared of criminal wrongdoing after a Kentucky State Police investigation. He remains employed with the BGPD. Bowling Green attorney Scott Laufenberg, representing the city and the five officers,...

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Bennie Neal of Butler County has been indicted on several different charges including assault for a stabbing and torture of a dog.

“It’s fairly well cobbled together, that would be a good way to put it,” said attorney Gary Logsdon. Neal’s attorney Gary Logsdon said there’s more to the story of what happened. He said Neal was actually robbed by two men.“Mr. Neal claims that the Embry’s had robbed him of the last $20 he had in his pocket,” said Logsdon. He also said, Neal was assaulted before any alleged stabbing took place and there is a witness who said that’s what happened. “He had actually observed the Embry’s on attack Mr. Neal, while Mr. Neal was in his driveway. They attacked him with...

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A local lawyer files a law suit for two former inmates against the Warren County Regional Jail.

Plaintiffs Stuart Cole and Loren Patterson are together in a fight against the Warren County Regional Jail for putting their checks into an inmate account at South Central Bank. “Of course, I question that, because I thought that was extremely odd because the check was made out to my son, it was for books. So, I don’t know how in the world a bank could cash a check that doesn’t belong to them,” said Patterson’s mother Penny Patterson. Patterson was in the jail in September of 2011 and Cole was there in March of 2009 both for arrested for operating a...

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