Distracted Driving Crash Seriously Hurts Two

Distracted Driving Crash Seriously Hurts Two

A distracted driver swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid a stopped car, seriously injuring two people.

According to witnesses and police, the 45-year-old driverĀ of Calvert City, was eastbound on U.S. Highway 68 did not see a car stopped behind another vehicle waiting to turn left onto Fieldmont Drive. To avert a rear-end collision, he pulled onto the westbound side. As a result, he collided into a 56-year-old driver, of Benton. Both drivers were rushed to a nearby hospital with serious injuries, and both their vehicles were almost totally demolished.

The wreck happened in McCracken County.

Distracted Driver-Related Crashes

Each year, over 431,000 people are seriously injured in these incidents. About 78 percent of these crashes occur because the tortfeasor (negligent driver)is texting while driving, which is why Kentucky law forbids this practice. Handheld devices, like cellphones, are so dangerous because drivers who use them are distracted.