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The Link Between Talcum Powder And Ovarian Cancer

In the ongoing talcum powder row, many doctors are trying to walk a middle line between powerful pharmaceutical companies and innocent victims by downplaying the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer while advising women not to use the product.

As an example, Dr. Robert Ashley recently wrote that the primary study linking talc to ovarian cancer may have been tainted, but he stopped short of challenging the results. Rather than saying there was no connection, Dr. Ashley opined that the survey method may have been incomplete and the women who testified about the link may have suffered from what he called “recall bias.” Part of the problem is that ovarian cancer is so rare that reliable studies and statistics are difficult to obtain, he added.

Are More Pro-Business Reforms Coming?

Erlanger Republican Rep. Adam Koenig is spearheading an effort to pass a comprehensive workers’ compensation reform package in the House of Representatives that he says will remove “additional burdens” on state businesses that “drive up costs” on state employers.

Although Rep. Koenig said the forthcoming plan will “really not affect workers very much,” his record suggests otherwise. The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, one of the largest business lobbying groups in the state, recently gave Rep. Koenig its MVP Award not only for his pro-business voting record, but also because he often “went out of [his] way. . .to support or oppose an issue critical to the business climate in Kentucky.” Furthermore, in 2016, Rep. Koenig co-sponsored rather controversial reporting amendments to the existing workers’ compensation law.

Ky. Lawmakers Ponder Lawsuit Limits

State Senator Ralph Alvarado, R-Winchester, wants medical negligence victims to bring their claims before an industry-dominated review board before they can bring them to court.

His Senate Bill 4 is very much like previous measures which have enjoyed broad support in the GOP-controlled Senate but failed to win over House Democrats. Now, with Republican majorities in both houses, the medical negligence lawsuit limits may become a reality, especially since a Senate panel quickly and overwhelmingly approved Senate Bill 4. Sen. Alvarado, who is also a doctor, spoke up for the proposal during committee hearings, claiming that the number of lawsuits is driving up medical care costs. Doctors “order tests they never would have before just to cover themselves, and the cost of medical care is going up as a result,” he added. If the bill passes, a panel of three medical providers and one non-voting medical negligence lawyer must determine that a claim is meritorious before the victim can obtain damages in court.

A number of Democrats, including Lexington Sen. Reginald Thomas, vehemently oppose Senate Bill 4. “[E]very citizen in this commonwealth should have access to the courthouse door,” he insisted.

Alcohol-Fueled Car Crash Kills Two

The New Year is off to a deadly start in the Bluegrass State, as the first fatal vehicle collision of 2017 occurred in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day.

Authorities state that an alcohol-impaired woman, whose name was not released, lost control of her SUV near the intersection of U.S.Highway 421 and State Highway 3447 (Morrill-Kerby Knob Road) just south of the Madison County line. Her out-of-control vehicle crossed the centerline and smashed head-on into a passenger car, instantly killing both 58-year-old Lloyd Sparks and 51-year-old Randall Sparks. The female SUV driver, along with her 10-year-old nephew, were both seriously injured and rushed to nearby hospitals.

Investigators spent several hours looking for clues before re-opening the roads.

Government Issues New IVC Filter Warnings

Health Canada recently told doctors to remove IVC filters from their patients to avoid serious, long-term complications.

After receiving over 100 verified reports, the government medical watchdog officially linked the Inferior Vena Cava filter to organ perforation, fragmentation, and other possibly fatal conditions. Additionally, of the two Randomized Controlled  Trials connected with IVC filters, neither of them indicated that these devices were particularly effective, according to the agency. Therefore, Health Canada strongly urged physicians to limit the use of IVC filters to extreme cases only and remove them after a few days. The agency stopped short of issuing a recall, but has demanded additional information about safety and efficiency from at least six manufacturers.

Pickup Truck Collides With Backhoe; Kills One

Three other people were also seriously injured in the vehicle wreck that occurred on the eastbound Cumberland Parkway near Fishing Creek Bridge.

According to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, 55-year old David Perry, of Collierville, Tenn., was driving a 2011 Ford pickup when he collided with a Kentucky Highway Department backhoe. Mr. Perry was rushed to a nearby hospital, along with 22-year-old Shannon Acosta and 24-year-old Brandon Perry, both of Anchorage, Ala.; Brandon Perry was subsequently pronounced dead at the hospital.

FDA Warns Of Testosterone Supplement Dangers

The Food and Drug Administration recently ordered testosterone supplement manufacturers to add warnings about the risk of drug dependence and possible side effects.

Doctors may prescribe steroids to certain patients who suffer from certain medical conditions. However, many doctors also give these drugs to men over 40 who have symptoms of “male menopause,” even though there is comparatively little evidence that such a condition indeed exists. The federal government, and most state governments, classify anabolic steroids as Schedule III dangerous drugs because they are very addictive, especially if taken beyond what the doctor orders. Additionally, recent evidence has established additional links between testosterone supplements and serious side effects, including heart failure, personality changes, and liver disease.

A little over 6,000 cases have been consolidated in the Northern District of Illinois, and the first bellwether trial is set to begin in June 2017.

Pike County Vehicle Wreck Kills One

A 24-year-old man is dead after a pickup truck and a large gravel truck collided on Kentucky State Highway 194.

The wreck occurred near Kimper Elementary School just north of town. Kentucky State Police released few details about the incident, aside from the fact that both vehicles were probably moving at freeway speeds, because they were almost completely destroyed. Jerry Leedy, the pickup truck driver, was ejected from his vehicle and died the next day at a nearby hospital; authorities say he was not wearing a seat belt. Another pickup truck passenger, whose name was not released, was seriously injured but is expected to survive.